Not All Who Wander Are Lost!

You may have seen this bumper sticker around – and even if you're not a Tolkien fan, you have to admit that there is a certain value to taking a stroll without a definite destination from time to time.

 If you're wandering out into the wild blue yonder, here are some things to take with you.

 Walking Sticks and Poles

 We know you have a keen sense of balance, and you're not likely to fall down on the trail. But walking sticks and poles can be useful for more than just limb support.

 You can use them to hunt through a pile of leaves for interesting natural specimens. You can raise your wand aloft, and proclaim your glory as a wizard, or whatever.

 We've got sticks for that. Our quality products will be your walking companions wherever you go, and they’ll stand up to the pressures of the road. 


 When you're wandering around, you need something to keep your stuff in. Drinks and snacks, for example. Or suppose you find that glorious mushroom hoard that you've been seeking for years.

 We've seen an excited forager scoop up a big glob of turkey tails in a shirt or baseball cap. It's not a pretty sight. Yes, you'll get your loot home either way, but why not have a more appropriate container on hand?

 Oh yeah, and always be sure it's legal to cart things out of wherever you're hiking. Some people have found out the hard way that federal and state parks have some rules about that!


 So there is this interesting thing where after a while, the sun starts to sink down and everything gets dark.

 Listen, we know you're well acquainted with the concept of dusk. But aside from that tongue-in-cheek warning, it is appropriate to carry a light with you in case you're out later than you expected to be.

 Even if you're not scared of the dark, having a light with you helps you to illuminate those way posts and blazes and other signs that will keep you on track, so that you can get home and start dinner. Or more like a midnight snack. 

 Take a look at everything we offer at Pinnacle Hunter to support your wandering. We know the value of spending time out in the great wide open instead of cooped up indoors! Our catalog is made for you, so get out there and experience the grandeur of the outdoors.